Wednesday, September 21, 2011

9us & Lucy's Great Pumpkin Ale

OK, I struggled with a name for this. I'm thinking I might need to give that piece of brewing up, it is taxing the creative side of me! Nicole encourages it, that means I'll keep reaching for names. Anyway, even if it's a stretch, the name is appropriate. With Fall two days away and pumpkin ales filling the shelves, I wanted to try one of my own. I had planned on brewing this past weekend but didn't get to it until last night. Bad mistake! I started at 8:00 and finished after midnight. I knew preparing the pumpkin would take a little work but damn, I could have carved jack o'lanterns for the neighborhood in the time it took me to brew this! The beer smells amazing and was already bubbling this morning. I'm thinking the late night will be well worth it. I'm gonna try to have this ready to taste on Halloween. If I'm buzzed when you knock on my door for candy, you'll know why!


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