Sunday, June 17, 2012

Home Grown Hops

My hops are climbing! I planted hop rhizomes the first week in May and they are starting to climb the trellis. I have Cascade and Chinook varieties that will be perfect for flavor and aroma. Hops are usually ready to harvest in August, so a fresh homegrown hop fall seasonal will be on tap!
Cheers to home grown hops and homebrew!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Here's 1.4. Summer!

Batch 14, Here's 1.4. Summer, is in the bottle and will be ready to drink this weekend. This is a very similar recipe to 4 Summer Ale, a basic American Wheat Ale. Should be a good session brew pefect for warm weather consumption. I added a bit of a twist to a few growlers while bottling. We had some blueberries laying around so I decided to drop a few in for a fruit twist. Fruit flavors usually take well to wheat beers so hopefully the blueberry additions will mesh. Adding it at bottling won't change the taste of the brew too much, but should add some nice aroma. Father's Day is this weekend so I'll be tasting the results of the blueberry experiment and likely brewing batch 15.

Cheers and Here's 1.4. Summer!