Thursday, May 26, 2011

TRI.P.A smelling good! 4Summer brewed

TRI.P.A was moved to the secondary and the 4th! addition of hops added. This brew smells freaking good! Four additions of hops, all Centennial, should make for a hop heads dream (that's me)!

Also brewed 4Summer Ale, a light american wheat. I wanted to brew a light session beer to be consumed at the pool and beach. It will be bottled in plastic bottles to get around most pool and beach rules of no glass.

Looking forward to tasting both of these but especially eager to try the TRI.P.A.


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Friday, May 13, 2011


1st born has been sampled by a few others with decent reviews. I just had my first in about a week and after allowing ample time for aging, the result is a satisfactory first batch.
2Wheat is a different story. Not even 10 days in the bottle and this beer is AMAZING! Between lessons learned from the first batch and a more involved recipe, an exceptional beer has been created! It even has Nicole's approval which is exactly what I was going for!
It is extremely gratifying to create a great tasting beer on my second attempt.
Looking forward to getting batch 3, TRI.P.A, brewed and in the fermenter tonight!
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2Wheat Bottled!

Bottled batch #2 which seems to be a BIG bavarian hefe at 6%+! I added a bit of table sugar to the wort to up the abv but wasn't expecting this! High hopes for this one based on the smell and taste of the unconditioned brew. Now sitting back with a Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale. If only I could brew something half as good as this! Cheers!
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