Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Batch #15 - MyCentennial

I came home from a weeks vacation and immediately got back to work! Although it is work, it's the work I enjoy...homebrew! Just before leaving for the beach, I added Centennial hops to the secondary for dry hopping. This Centennial hop addition was the fifth addition of this same hop varietal in this brew. MyCentennial and all of its Centennial hop additions will hopefully create a beer mimicking Bell's Two Hearted Ale and Founder's Centennial Ale. It's a robust IPA checking in at 6.5% and the first IPA I have brewed since batch #11. MyCentennial should be ready to drink around the first week of August.

The last couple of batches have been decent, but not anything to rave about. Both of those batches are of the lighter variety so for the next few batches, I'm going BIG! Perhaps an imperial stout of double IPA is on deck for batch 16...stay tuned.