Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Hiatus Is Over - Lucky 13

It's been an uneventful couple of months on the brew front. Batches will be coming in bunches this summer to keep up with days at the pool, beach vacations and cook outs!

Batch 13, called Lucky 13, was brewed a couple of weeks ago and is currently dry hopping in the secondary fermenter. This was brewed to be ready for the celebration of my brother in law Matt's graduation from Clemson. (I call it "Lucky" with Matt's parents in mind as this signals their riddance of one of two out of state college tuitions!!) Lucky 13 is a simple pale ale similar to Bass. I'm hoping for a lighter, easy drinking brew to share at graduation. It should also be well suited for warm days by the water to kick off pool season!!

Speaking of pool season, batch 14 will be brewed with Memorial Day in mind. A long weekend at the beach will require a couple mini kegs of another light, session beer. 4 Summer Ale was a good brew, perhaps my first repeat recipe is in store!

Whatever is brewed next is likely the last homebrew without fresh grown hops from my back yard. I planted a couple of varieties of hops two weeks ago which will hopefully be climbing the trellises and giving hops to pick and add flavor and aroma to future brews. The vines haven't even come out of the ground yet so at this point, that's wishful thinking. If they grow, we'll have homegrown hops for homebrew!!

Cheers to Matty D and the summer days ahead!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Luke's Brews Labels

A buddy of mine put this label together for me. Kind of freaky looking but I like it! Thanks Bmoe!!