Friday, August 26, 2011

Celebr8 Ale Brewed

This is the most planning/scheduling I have put into a beer I have brewed. My eighth batch, Celebr8 Ale, won't be ready for two months after brewing 8/21/11. The ready date for Celebr8 will coincide with the release of my number one most favorite beer, Sierra Nevada's Celebration Ale, which goes out to stores around 10/15 each year. Hopefully my version is enjoyable and can be used to help celebrate the holiday season! Writing this I am realizing that if Celebr8 is any good, it will likely be gone long before the holidays get here. Crap! Well, if it's good enough to polish off in 4-6 weeks, I won't be disappointed! No plans yet for batch 9, maybe a second batch of Celebr8! Thinking way too far ahead. I think I need to relax, don't worry and have a homebrew!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Seven Dwarfs Dunkel

I brewed batch seven last night, a dunklweizen, which is a dark, German wheat beer. It should be similar to 2wheat but carry a little more body. This is another of Nicole's favs so hopefully she will enjoy it, allowing me to continue brewing without her getting fed up with it!
Hop Head Porter is in the secondary fermenter and should get bottled in a week or so. Batches 1-4 are gone and have been enjoyed by many!
Stone Clone 5 is the only homebrew I have available and it is going fast. It is very good and has actually been favored by a few over Arrogant Bastard in side by side tastings.
Looking forward to getting Hop Head Porter and 7 Dwarfs Dunkel in the bottle!
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