Friday, August 26, 2011

Celebr8 Ale Brewed

This is the most planning/scheduling I have put into a beer I have brewed. My eighth batch, Celebr8 Ale, won't be ready for two months after brewing 8/21/11. The ready date for Celebr8 will coincide with the release of my number one most favorite beer, Sierra Nevada's Celebration Ale, which goes out to stores around 10/15 each year. Hopefully my version is enjoyable and can be used to help celebrate the holiday season! Writing this I am realizing that if Celebr8 is any good, it will likely be gone long before the holidays get here. Crap! Well, if it's good enough to polish off in 4-6 weeks, I won't be disappointed! No plans yet for batch 9, maybe a second batch of Celebr8! Thinking way too far ahead. I think I need to relax, don't worry and have a homebrew!


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