Thursday, September 20, 2012

Homegrown Hops - Harvest Is Near!

I have been scouring these trellis' for flowers the last month. The hops have climbed brilliantly but we are late into the typical North Carolina harvest period. I was beginning to think these first year plants weren't going to produce. Checked it out this past weekend (9/16/12) and there they were, the sand spur looking blooms I've been reading about! Success! The flowers are only on my cascade plant, hopefully the centennial follows suit real soon. I am hoping to get enough from this year's crop to flavor and dry hop batch #16.

Quick update on batch #15, MyCentennial.  The beer is AWESOME! Best beer yet! I have definitely decided that my best brews are those with high ABV. Maybe it's the buzz I get from drinking them or there is more to mask my brewing definciencies. Whatever the case, from here on I am brewing big beers so expect a buzz from Luke's Brews!

Cheers to homegrown hops and homebrew!