Friday, June 3, 2011

99 Bottles of Beer!!

99 beers were bottled tonight! The equivalent of 99 beers anyway. TRI.P.A and 4Summer Ale were both ready to hit the bottle so I spent 4 hours getting it done (Nicole, please don't leave me). Two lessons learned: First, gotta invite some friends over to help whenever bottling two batches. Second, and more importantly, gotta start saving for a kegging system! This hobby has grabbed hold of me (Nicole, please don't leave me)!

The plastic bottles used for 4Summer Ale concern me. Just seems weird putting beer in plastic. It is spot on as far as color and light body. If it's no good, I'll blame it on the plastic. Hope it turns out alright so I can pass them around at the pool!

TRI.P.A is going to be good, no doubt. Can't wait for Father's Day not only because I love being a father, but also because I will be savoring a properly aged TRI.P.A. My patience will undoubtedly wear thin before then but it's another reason to look forward to a special day. I've got one with your name on it Pa!

Now enjoying an Arrogant Bastard from Stone and looking forward to brewing batch five tomorrow night. Batch five is an Arrogant Bastard clone. Don't have any clever names for this one yet...less time to think of names now that I have home brew to drink!!

Take one down and pass it around y'all!!


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